Biggie Smalls Print

Prints available on Etsy Shop £100.

I used to be an illustrator.

Inspire those little ones, the tiniest compliment and boost can go further than you'd imagine. Thanks to my friends, fam and teachers on the way that kept my motivation up, much thanks!

StreetFest 2013

Eoin and Zina

Golden Child Hackney Rd

Dalston, Ridley Road market Shutter

Got a hidden shutter with Art Under The Hood, in a carpark on Hackney Road, near Shoreditch Church and Tesco.

Oslo Summer 2012

Torshov Parken, Oslo, Norway.

Schuh Summer Shoot

GraffitiLDN hooked us up with a quick job painting for an Schuh ad. Painting next to Inkfetish and Mon53. Had this lovely model 'artist' assisting us too. Was entertaining seeing how they thought a 'streetartist' looks like.