The Golden Tea Pottress

This is for all the Tea Lovers and other Looneys out there.
Finally, after a few sessions with Photoshop tutorials I've learnt a few usefuls bits an pieces just since end of December. I'm getting slightly addicted to theses tutorials, all this free tips and tricks, yes please!
Have put up some crops of the image so you can see more details, and a small collection of "Mad Hatters" following after. I found taking screenshots during certain processes helps me see what works or not, and also when it gives me ideas for what I can do for later use. I'll also post up some Pre and After (between?) shots too. It sort of reminds me of Looney Tunes, loved those cartoons tho.

  "Flower Wand"
"Glazed Eyes"

 "Loosen Up"

 "Merge the Metal"

 "Rusty Red & Golden Drops"

The Mad Hatters:
So This it How the Hats started, i thought it was to hard to work with a straw hat basically, but then made a misson for myself to figure it out this way instead:

Some random foot came floating by and just thought it looked cool.

Close to finished, just need the drops. 


I really liked the splash of paint, why didn't I go for this in the end? Oh well, maybe next time, and I'm done arguing with the bloglayout..I'm out!

Creatures of Fashion

"Greek Godess"

 Some quick collages for you. It's fun when the images I've cut out leaves new and fun images and unexpected poses in the magazines.

Draculas' Mistress?
She's slightly scary I think.

Heart You Type

 "Heart You Type"
Finally had some time to play with the letters I drew months ago, more letters coming later on.
Now I got to go over the other type I've done for a few illustrations, and try and post them seperately.

New Character Design coming up soon, trying to figure out the backdrop/background, but might post it up for you in the meantime.

If you'd like check out my Short Animation by following this link:
I just need to find a way to embed the swf/flw file,and keep it playing the Loop.

Boxer Psd & animation

Here's a new character design for you, and I have  picked up a few new ways to render them digitally. I love watching and following these tutorials online. So much free 'education' out there, just go on an grab it! I've also put him in Adobe Flash, which is first time actually playing around with it. So the first animation I'll put out will be simple, almost like a Monthy Python'ish type of style to it. I will keep posting it up for you after I have added and played around a bit more, so you perhapse can see a developement of the animation. Here's a quick link for now: Boxer Short Animation

Give it up- to the Collage and Drawing

Give it the masses?! 
A piece I did last summer. Collage with drawn details, and a tiny session in photoshop.
I couldn't help my self playing a bit more with it tho, woops: