MOS -Meeting Of Styles11

Zina, Masai and False 
8th September,
Holloway Road, North London.

 photo Peter Painter


Thanks to End Of The Line, Meeting Of Styles for giving me a spot, and thanks Letty Lyons for asking!

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 Dan Kitchener

 A few pics up for my brother, hope he likes.

Paint @Shambala:11

August 27th

 Highlight photos from Shambala site, yeh!

Painting with Masai.

New Era Finalist:11

A lucky finalist ready for phase TWO of the New Era Introducing 59FIFTY cap competition 2011.
Check out the rest of Phase One Gallery entries too.
My creation will be touring with the New Era Exhibition around the world 
& it will be printed in their hard back book too!!

Competition brief :
"Using any medium, demonstrate why you are one of the uniquely creative minds of tomorrow." 

Here's my Artist Bio and my answer for The Ultimate question they had for us was this; 
How would you use the £10,000 bursary to advance your creative career if you won the Competition?
The Big Dream is to travel via my art, collaborate with creative people and explore the endless possibilities. First stop will be Jamaica with a collective of artists, to create a strong collection of work on the walls and abandoned buildings, with Love from London to Jamaica. Secondly, to embark on a month’s art residency in Cape Town, South Africa, developing a fresh body of work, exploring local interaction and the way that, that effects my work. I am also in the midst of planning a trip to Norway collaborating with UK and Norwegian artists working our way through the country, “Chasing the Northern Light”.
My initial idea came from my painting The Rising Son”, which is based on the youths of Harlem, N.Y.
Merging old with new is something I find very intriguing. Introducing the New Era 59FIFTY cap with an old Victorian pre industrial crown gave it a fresh feel of the urban, street and contemporary culture. I see the crown as an item of hope, that you can be more than a king for a day.
A fascination for these mechanical elements which is being revealed to see the cogs in a system, brings forth a curiosity to figure out how things actually work. The sculpture represents mechanical slogs of everyday life; 

 “if you know how to orchestrate the mechanics
in your life, you can achieve anything.”  

 Now time to explore the creative process
(click on images to enlarge)

Clockworks breakdown.

Felt bad cutting this up, but when I got started it was quite fun.

 Mini Hand Saw! Hah, louis laughed at me, 
but I know I got a finer cut than a massive wobbly hand saw, so 'ere you go!

Victorian vs bandana pattern work.

Spray painting fabric and cap.

First time I've made something desent since primary school?! Well I guess I got to learn some new skills. Amasing what you can do with a tiny thread and needle. It might have kicked up some urge to make some fun sculptural characters I think. My mams used to make dolls before so might ask her for some tricks.

 Louis' iPhone photos, I think I'll try and get hold of one of them for next year. He made his video in a day too, didn't get that far with trying to do it on a computer. He helped me film bits of it tho, soon up!




Final product from a fresh New Era 59FIFTY cap,

 with a few new additional details added from a 1950s clock, a vintage lamp and  a beaten up car-dashboard(found it in my street, already thrown away, ok)
 It was put together with addicting fuming spraypaint, sown with tiny stingy needles & skinny almost invisible threads, stuck with sickening toxic glue, hammered, screwed and wired leaving me with bloody and bruised fingers. Hope you enjoy it, 'cause I'm glad it has left my house. XD

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