3rd x CanWork

 "Vintage S.cream"

Only 3rd time working the cans, love it!
Will bring more cans next time, didnt have enough for the hands I'm afraid.

Painting next to my bro, now I can see what she's scared of ;)

Bird Egg @ Making Bread

Making Bread Art Music Event Exhibition,
13th Nov 2010
Finally finished one painting at least, want to do more technical/machine stuff later on.

2nd time spray painting, 
got to go bigger I think?!

Birthday gift for U

Here's some characters from Out of the Box commission I did few months ago,
I know, it's my birthday, so stop working!! Ehm.. sorry, needed to put this up first. 
Hope you like'em. XD



Butter cup= childish? I think we all are XD


I was lucky enough to put up some of my work under the Westway Bridge in Portobello, London the 11th of August. It was a lot of good stuff put up, check some of the links out:
 Street-artists-notting-hill and  Flickr
First piece I've made, collage, paint and spray paint. 

 Guitar Man.
Going to draw and add more details to the clothes of my characters.

Decorative Recycling Symbol.
Was something missing, added few faireyboys popping the balloon.

Finished piece, rope goes across to link with Masai's piece: *Masai aka Louis' Flickr
I wish I had more time on this, and maybe that I was a bit more focused, but I managed to do this even though I was really ill that day. So can't complain I guess. Hope you like it, can't wait to more.

Out of the Box-

----- -----
Out of the Box- Travelling tent, a commisson I finished last month. I will link it up when they have launched their website. I was asked to make an event/festival tent with a lot of characters including, singers, guitartist, cabaret acts, performers etc. I gave the entire tent wheels and a piano vehicle to transport it (music driven tent?). I added some drawn details for clothes and other elements to add something extra to the collages. Hope you like it, maybe I'll post some of the characters seperate later for you people to see. Let me know what you think!? (click image to enlarge)

Falmouth Uni Degree Show

Final Roll

My Illustration Degree show, Falmouth University College, 2010. This character is one of many made for the AOI London Bicycling Competition. I printed out 8 A3 pages with different pieces of this character, and mounted them on foamboard. The hard part was to cut around all the edges, a little bit perfectionist sometimes but it turned out alright. I wish I had printed even bigger pieces of the rest of the work to balance it out, oh well. I also designed a little box he could have on his shoulders to have my business cards on. At the last minute I 'made' the table thing to put my portfolios and a little comment book on.
After making this dude on the bike I really want to see how my work looks when printed big, maybe  I'll find out one day :)

 Smile With Style.

I had to take a picture with all my work arranged and organised for the final assessement. It wasn't too many projects, but a lot of work.. 10-11 projects perhapse.

Anyways, had a lot of fun bringing the Bikedude home, I think he did too..

 BikeDude Keeps it Green

On location
 At the doorstep

Ok, BikeDude has had enough and heading home and away?! Even I have had enough of this guy for a while, going to bring him to London soon tho. For now Go to bed Dude, time to make some new characters, I think!

The Animal Kingdom

I found an old animal book to play around with, just for fun.

 Ole Dole Doffen ut på eventyr

 The Animal Kingdom,
Norwegian versus English, and a good mix of words. 
(click it to see the whole thing)

New Super Heroes, Cape Buffalo

Escaped Pig                                                    Hit the Road YAcK

Band Poster Design

I've done more to the poster design I did a month ago for the band Spree, from Cornwall. 
I hope you like it. Oh, and feel free to comment on any of the post.

AOI Cycling in London Comp:11

 My work is ONE of 50 entrants whom got selected between thousand others, 
I wrote a short poem tryin to explain the story behind the image, 
I'll post it when I see it again next week. Follow to :AOI competition

 "Lady Lowrida"

Spree Band Poster

:romance and love, youth, lust and desire, life and freedom
(click on image to enlarge)

It's a special live performances from Spree, Liz Lawrence, Silverley Allen & Thirty Pounds of Bone at the Dartington Great Hall.  It's a free event in end of June, made up of performances from alumni, current and postgraduate students from Dartington College of Arts.

 I got this live poster brief last weekend, I managed to squeeze it in between writing a 7000 word report, organising work, mounting boards for the graduation show. I didn't have time to transfer it and add extra bits/textures, but they liked it like this anyways. I might test it out a bit later to see how it looks. I'm glad I did it eventhough I was full on finishing everything for assessment. And they might want me to work with them again, so it's all good.

Cycling In London

"Lady Lowrida"

 "Coffe Time"

 "Smile with Style"

Cycling In London: AOI competition.

Designed business card


 Cards are ready to print after New York Trip,  unfortunately it wouldn't arrive
soon enough so I have to wait. But I will print out tearsheet to hand out. 
My website will hopefully be up this week, but just in case I have put
up few images on this blog for you.

Self Promotion for Quotes Book

'The World is a Playground' - Natalie Kocsis
Double page spread for University College Falmouth Illustrations Quotes Book

Collage Work Uni

 A mockup editorial about relationships and age gaps (the guardian weekly)  

A mockup editorial about relationships and birth order. (the guardian weekly)


A mockup editorial about relationship and forgiveness

Book Cover projext-x for a Dictionary of World Mythology, 
for children and adults.

"5ive" design for Quotes book.

Mock up editorials, about emissions of greenhouse gases.
Playing with simple printmaking, stencils and drawing.

"Rat Town".
Experimetning with printmaking for a book review.