Falmouth Uni Degree Show

Final Roll

My Illustration Degree show, Falmouth University College, 2010. This character is one of many made for the AOI London Bicycling Competition. I printed out 8 A3 pages with different pieces of this character, and mounted them on foamboard. The hard part was to cut around all the edges, a little bit perfectionist sometimes but it turned out alright. I wish I had printed even bigger pieces of the rest of the work to balance it out, oh well. I also designed a little box he could have on his shoulders to have my business cards on. At the last minute I 'made' the table thing to put my portfolios and a little comment book on.
After making this dude on the bike I really want to see how my work looks when printed big, maybe  I'll find out one day :)

 Smile With Style.

I had to take a picture with all my work arranged and organised for the final assessement. It wasn't too many projects, but a lot of work.. 10-11 projects perhapse.

Anyways, had a lot of fun bringing the Bikedude home, I think he did too..

 BikeDude Keeps it Green

On location
 At the doorstep

Ok, BikeDude has had enough and heading home and away?! Even I have had enough of this guy for a while, going to bring him to London soon tho. For now Go to bed Dude, time to make some new characters, I think!

The Animal Kingdom

I found an old animal book to play around with, just for fun.

 Ole Dole Doffen ut på eventyr

 The Animal Kingdom,
Norwegian versus English, and a good mix of words. 
(click it to see the whole thing)

New Super Heroes, Cape Buffalo

Escaped Pig                                                    Hit the Road YAcK

Band Poster Design

I've done more to the poster design I did a month ago for the band Spree, from Cornwall. 
I hope you like it. Oh, and feel free to comment on any of the post.