Cosmic Egg @ Upfest

Eros (‘Love’) is the Universal Being, the creator of all individual expressions of life.

"The Cosmic Egg- Eros Phanes"
Med: Gouache on canvas
Size: 35,5 cm x 45cm
Exhibited @Upfest 2011 Bristol

Some research if you´re interested:
Eros shines as a great Light—the Light of the Universe. As such he was known as Phanes (‘Brilliant’), the golden-winged god of light. He was also known as Ericapaeus (‘Power’), Logos ('Word' or ‘Wisdom’) and Metis (‘Intelligence’). The Romans called him Cupid.
Eros was the name given by the Orphic and Greek philosophers to the ‘First-born’ (Protogonus)—the first complete manifestation of Divinity. He was described mythologically as the son of Nyx (‘Night’- also known as Aether, the Holy Spirit, the divine Potential—the still, silent potential of all movement, sound, law and creativity.) and Boreas (‘North Wind’), who themselves were derived from Aether (‘Spirit’) and Erebus (‘Darkness’). Eros was born from the Cosmic Egg laid by Nyx and fertilised by Boreas.
Although referred to as ‘He’, Eros/Phanes is both male and female.  As he burst asunder the Cosmic Egg, the two halves formed Heaven (Uranus) and Earth (Gaea/ Gaia). All the elements, gods, goddesses, nature, everything, was contained within and emerged from his being. More on: The Story of the Cosmic Egg.

Upfest:11 Shutter Piece

Zina & Masai

 A piece I did on the organic store of the lovely lady that housed us that weekend.
Guess that is the worst shutter you could ever paint on, since its not much to paint on. It was full of tiny wholes, it was basically almost a perfect imprint on the plastic on the back in the end.

Louis Masai Michel on the other side;