Nice Up The Walls- Jamaica Street Art

Nice Up The Walls
From 12th January to 12th February 2012

To our knowledge, no International artists have visited Jamaica since the recent Hurricane to use Street Art as a means of bringing colour, life and aesthetic remedies to the community. 
This is the key objective that we wish to achieve with Nice Up The Walls. 

  Linda Zina and Louis Masai 
are going to bring some Street Art freshness to these amazing islanders. By giving large scale Postcard sized Gifts of animals and portraits of Jamaicans on walls to help give something extra to a community that has little. READ MORE

 Have a closer look at our funding proposal here
and we made a fun video below for you to introduce the NUW project.

A little something to keep an eye on
as the deadline ticks down.

Greatly appreciate any other kind of help and service;  
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There are REWARDS given! (our artwork+)
Crediting includes names ON WALLS(blog +)!  

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Music Suite @ Youth Club

St. Andrews Youth Club
Westminster LND.

Adrian P. at St.Andrews Youth Club down in Westminster found me painting at the Freeze festival, and wanted something done for the youth clubs' music suite.  It was a long and exhausting day but I enjoyed spending the day working for them, it's a really friendly and helpful bunch, Thank for the cuppa tea. 
I painted on two canvases put together, and some small background details on the wall. I guess next step for me is to try and paint a bit smaller. Maybe I'll find a massive wall instead.  


 And a little background details on the walls.

Smirk Canvas Commission

 Commission from West Bank Gallery
Here some pics from the process, and building a 6ft x 6ft canvas. Next time I get something already made and ready to go. A neighbor of West Bank Gallery spotted the piece I did outside there, and fell in love with it. I hope they found a big wall to put it on.
 X marks the spot.
Stretching canvas with staples, then with some drying paint strokes.
Some cans of 94s, and will stack up with enough caps next time too.
Saw some kind of animal wanting to come out of my painted strokes there, what kind of paint is this?!
 A total studio cover up!
I had to clean and dust from top of the shelves, and to hoover the floor, mission!

Pretty close to the last one I did of it at the InsideOutViceVersa show.
Finally Done, Ferdig, Finale, Finito, Terminado!

Canvas is hanged and decorated with a splash of paint.

Freeze Piece 2011

Masai and Zina with Upfest 
@Freeze Festival
Battersea Power station, London
28th-29th Oct 2011

Good spot to have a look at some awesome snowboard & ski tricks, a lot of Norwegians representing!, well done! Made me miss home a bit after watching some short films of off piste in that lovely powder snow.
It helped standing next to the jumping bean burrito's mad bass, it kept the fumes bumping out of the cans.  Ah, yeah, thank  for lovely warm drinks from the Cake Hole, and the Chunky Chips was quite good too. Other artist painting was Data, Dan Kitchener, id-iom, Depecht and Pilot. Thanks to Upfest & Dephect for putting this together, and the massive crowd watching us paint. (please link us up if you find some photos)

Masai                                                                 Zina

My white hat is turned blue on me.
photo by Tee Byford

Checking out some jumps, kicks and tricks

Battersea power station

Almost there

Finishing touches, hah, how elegant?!



 Brave and DanKitchener

                                        id-iom                                                           Brave