Biggie Smalls Print

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I used to be an illustrator.

Inspire those little ones, the tiniest compliment and boost can go further than you'd imagine. Thanks to my friends, fam and teachers on the way that kept my motivation up, much thanks!

StreetFest 2013

Eoin and Zina

Golden Child Hackney Rd

Dalston, Ridley Road market Shutter

Got a hidden shutter with Art Under The Hood, in a carpark on Hackney Road, near Shoreditch Church and Tesco.

Schuh Summer Shoot

GraffitiLDN hooked us up with a quick job painting for an Schuh ad. Painting next to Inkfetish and Mon53. Had this lovely model 'artist' assisting us too. Was entertaining seeing how they thought a 'streetartist' looks like.

Mayan Cre8 Gallery

Cre8 Gallery Hackney Wick.
They had a shivering Zina painting 1 Dec in the backYard. It was all this doomsday prophecy that occur every other bluemoon. Anyways, thought I paint something for the occasion, so this Mayan 'making a wish' for the new year. I added the Mayan calendar as an earring, in case someone might miss the picture..

Here's some winter pictures from Norway, winter 2012. It was nothing close to it this year unfortunately. Do like a bit of coldness, just not when painting.

Ealing LiveArt Video

Zina and Elfin
Time to try paint and draw big Live too then, was interesting and enjoy challenging and trying new ways. Got to enjoy a little mix of paint and rain.

CellarDoor video.

Silence of the Soul Stencil

First Zina stencil. Well, cant say cutting paper is my favorite. You guys obviously would prefer it to be a multi layer stencil to resemble my murals, can not say I'd even try attempt it for the near future. Thought the point of stencil was to make it a clean simple design, non? For now, this is on pause.