Art Stars:11 -Comp Entry.

      "Paint Your Own Future" 
 Front of Star:
         Back of Star:

 MoodBoard and Layout:

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I did a "quick" collage for both sides to show my design, easier than sketching it out over and over, and it helps to see how the colors,layout etc would work together. I will use my collage as reference to paint,spray paint and using mixed media. Artwork in the moodboard(right) you can find here: 

Entry Description:
"Paint Your Own Future"
Front: A working boy(1900s) with a soldiers hat and the constitutional flag in his pocket, walking up the steps to paint his own future (the stars). He has a tough look from living a hard life but determined to reach higher. Inspired by the industrial age, 1900s, Immigrant Dreams, arriving to New York and starting a new life of their own following their own Dreams and Stars. 
Back: The modern boy also walks up, but rather use more modern tools by spraying his stars. Inspired by street culture, modern outfits (w jeans pants and cap). 
Middle/Sides: The Machinery working behind the scenes, like a clock, the engine that also keep things moving forward. Inspired:Industrial age, machines. 
Will use the collage as a reference for Painting with Gouache, Spray paint, mixed media.

Re Cycle London

New editions of one of the characters I did for london cycling competition last year. I finally had more time to spend on the background. I haven't thought much of how to use more collage for not just the characters, but to create their environment aswell. Some processes that should be very obvious to recognise is hard to spot when it's right in front of you, well I do get easily distracted and lost by other things. Hope you like the new version: "Re Cycle"