Spree Band Poster

:romance and love, youth, lust and desire, life and freedom
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It's a special live performances from Spree, Liz Lawrence, Silverley Allen & Thirty Pounds of Bone at the Dartington Great Hall.  It's a free event in end of June, made up of performances from alumni, current and postgraduate students from Dartington College of Arts.

 I got this live poster brief last weekend, I managed to squeeze it in between writing a 7000 word report, organising work, mounting boards for the graduation show. I didn't have time to transfer it and add extra bits/textures, but they liked it like this anyways. I might test it out a bit later to see how it looks. I'm glad I did it eventhough I was full on finishing everything for assessment. And they might want me to work with them again, so it's all good.

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