Falmouth Uni Degree Show

Final Roll

My Illustration Degree show, Falmouth University College, 2010. This character is one of many made for the AOI London Bicycling Competition. I printed out 8 A3 pages with different pieces of this character, and mounted them on foamboard. The hard part was to cut around all the edges, a little bit perfectionist sometimes but it turned out alright. I wish I had printed even bigger pieces of the rest of the work to balance it out, oh well. I also designed a little box he could have on his shoulders to have my business cards on. At the last minute I 'made' the table thing to put my portfolios and a little comment book on.
After making this dude on the bike I really want to see how my work looks when printed big, maybe  I'll find out one day :)

 Smile With Style.

I had to take a picture with all my work arranged and organised for the final assessement. It wasn't too many projects, but a lot of work.. 10-11 projects perhapse.

Anyways, had a lot of fun bringing the Bikedude home, I think he did too..

 BikeDude Keeps it Green

On location
 At the doorstep

Ok, BikeDude has had enough and heading home and away?! Even I have had enough of this guy for a while, going to bring him to London soon tho. For now Go to bed Dude, time to make some new characters, I think!

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