Art Stars:11 -Comp Entry.

      "Paint Your Own Future" 
 Front of Star:
         Back of Star:

 MoodBoard and Layout:

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I did a "quick" collage for both sides to show my design, easier than sketching it out over and over, and it helps to see how the colors,layout etc would work together. I will use my collage as reference to paint,spray paint and using mixed media. Artwork in the moodboard(right) you can find here: 

Entry Description:
"Paint Your Own Future"
Front: A working boy(1900s) with a soldiers hat and the constitutional flag in his pocket, walking up the steps to paint his own future (the stars). He has a tough look from living a hard life but determined to reach higher. Inspired by the industrial age, 1900s, Immigrant Dreams, arriving to New York and starting a new life of their own following their own Dreams and Stars. 
Back: The modern boy also walks up, but rather use more modern tools by spraying his stars. Inspired by street culture, modern outfits (w jeans pants and cap). 
Middle/Sides: The Machinery working behind the scenes, like a clock, the engine that also keep things moving forward. Inspired:Industrial age, machines. 
Will use the collage as a reference for Painting with Gouache, Spray paint, mixed media.