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GAYLE, Ochio Rios.
It is quite cloudy higher up in the mountains, with sudden rainfalls but with patches of sun breaking out in-between. The days starts early, and around 6pm it becomes dark quite quickly. Surrounded by all shades of green with all the trees and bushes, sounds of birds in the day and grasshoppers in the evening, it all reminded me how relaxing it is to be closer to nature. And these small little light bugs flickering in the dark was well interesting, I felt like a little kid when I caught one and tried to investigate the little bugger?!

Anywhoo, we stayed a couple of days up in Gayle with Masais’ adopted family. The family gave us a warm welcoming, and Moma was eager to show us her farm up in the hillside. She’s growing pretty much all the food nessescary for the household, different types of vegetables and fruits) She also lucky to have a friendly young man that helps work the land for her.


First group- Poster design
Second group- character design +fun
Third group- Logo Design + Poster Layout

Momas daughter Eve, works at the local high school, so she manage to get us some time to do some art workshops with  three  different classes. We started with a big group of  enthusiastic and eager teenagers, and gave them the task of designing a poster. It only took them a  couple of nudges in the right direction before images and words from the newspapers was flying around the room.

The second group, 9 graders, came an basically filled the room completely. Some pupils from the previous group was pleased to stay on further to finish their designs, probably also since they had a good excuse to skip another boring class. The 9graders was to large a group to try explain in details the same excersise, and it would be quite hard to keep up with each poster design in detail. So we simplified it by just making collage characters, which was very similar to what I did at Uni. It was great fun running around helping, giving little ideas of how to mix and match weird and quirky  combinations of arms, heads and legs. They actually managed very well on their own, and it was a lot of  surprising results. 

 The third and last session was a smaller group with a bit older boys, and they had also prepared their ideas for a logo for their “businesses” from another design class. So Masai went through each idea, showing how to apply it to a advertising poster , going through the basic layouts of the design. This group was certainly more focused, but as eager to learn something new.

 Next is Treasure Beach Boy
Check Masai's NUW posts while you wait

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