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'Cassava Piece, Kingston 8
is located in uptown Kingston, not far from Constant Spring. Cassava Piece is what some people call an uptown ghetto: a poor neighbourhood with zinc fences, shacks, stony and tiny roads, many children and few opportunities – located left and right hand side of the Constant Spring Gully.'

On the search for contacts out in Kingston, I had a lucky stumble upon Help Jamaica on facebook. I got a quick reply by email, saying they had a massive wall that they would want us to paint. I got overwhelmed by the size of it, and was worried that we couldn’t even fill it. Unfortunately, if we had stayed on a couple of more weeks we could have timed it for the Help Jamaica anniversary.
When we arrived at the centre at Cassava Piece, Hille was there to meet us. What he had in mind was to have an open spot in the middle for their movie projector. So we didn’t have to worry about the space, and just neatly positioned our characters on each side of this space.
Before starting we had to track around Kingston to find some additional pots of paint. Due to this we didn’t arrive as early as we wanted, but it didn’t take us too long in the end with these pieces. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t finish that day as the sun started setting, as I let myself get distracted by the kids running around, I guess I find it hard to ignore them. In the end there was a nice little crowd watching the last layers go on the walls, and it felt good finishing off and seeing their appreciation of the work.

To check out more what they are up to, you can follow their updates and photos on facebook



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Please have a closer look, or become part of their growing international network, spread the word, donate, link up on their websites, networks and blogs :Help Jamaica! Centre'

Educate the people, and let's have some fun doing it!

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