Intense Art at Tuff Gong

It's been a while since I've updated my blog, I even forgot to post the last Jamaica post. Apologize for such delays, but now it's time for some massive and quick updates for you!

We were lucky again, getting contact with Tuff Gong International in Kingston. Don't think I've realised yet that we painted there, so unbelievable! We timed it fairly well, as the same day was Robert Nesta Marleys EarthStrong day! So we got to enjoy some nyabinghi drums and proper rasta chanting at the Bob Marley Museum! Even the likes of Sizzla was in the middle of it all chanting away!

The painting took about 3 days, and I think i managed to get a sun stroke while at it. When we were almost finished mister Craigy T. from T.O.K came along checking our work out. He immediately hooked us up with TvJamaica and the program Intense for an Interview (here)
Even-tough it is a girl, the lady we were in contact with wanted it to say Mama Africa, well she certainly has the hands of a working woman.

Nice Up the Walls:

Craigy T - T.O.K

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