Nice Up The Walls- Jamaica Street Art

Nice Up The Walls
From 12th January to 12th February 2012

To our knowledge, no International artists have visited Jamaica since the recent Hurricane to use Street Art as a means of bringing colour, life and aesthetic remedies to the community. 
This is the key objective that we wish to achieve with Nice Up The Walls. 

  Linda Zina and Louis Masai 
are going to bring some Street Art freshness to these amazing islanders. By giving large scale Postcard sized Gifts of animals and portraits of Jamaicans on walls to help give something extra to a community that has little. READ MORE

 Have a closer look at our funding proposal here
and we made a fun video below for you to introduce the NUW project.

A little something to keep an eye on
as the deadline ticks down.

Greatly appreciate any other kind of help and service;  
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There are REWARDS given! (our artwork+)
Crediting includes names ON WALLS(blog +)!  

Please Email if ANY questions; 

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  1. Great project, I wish you success! I like your artwork very much, hope to see some of them at my online art community some day... :)
    Best regards!