Smirk Canvas Commission

 Commission from West Bank Gallery
Here some pics from the process, and building a 6ft x 6ft canvas. Next time I get something already made and ready to go. A neighbor of West Bank Gallery spotted the piece I did outside there, and fell in love with it. I hope they found a big wall to put it on.
 X marks the spot.
Stretching canvas with staples, then with some drying paint strokes.
Some cans of 94s, and will stack up with enough caps next time too.
Saw some kind of animal wanting to come out of my painted strokes there, what kind of paint is this?!
 A total studio cover up!
I had to clean and dust from top of the shelves, and to hoover the floor, mission!

Pretty close to the last one I did of it at the InsideOutViceVersa show.
Finally Done, Ferdig, Finale, Finito, Terminado!

Canvas is hanged and decorated with a splash of paint.

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